California needs your help!

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) is collecting information about communities all over California, and will use this information to help create California’s new statewide election districts.

Tell the CRC about your community today:

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About California’s Redistricting Process

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission will create new election districts for California's State Assembly, State Senate, Congressional, and Board of Equalization districts. The process of creating the new districts happens every 10 years and is called redistricting.

People who live in each district will vote to elect candidates to represent them. Each candidate will need to live in the district they are running for office in.

When the Commission creates new districts, it must follow certain guidelines. One of the guidelines is to learn about communities across California and to keep communities together in the new districts when possible.

When communities are kept together in districts, they may have a better chance to elect candidates who will represent their needs.

Learn more about California’s redistricting process here:

Why should you participate?

We need your input to:

  • Make sure the Commission knows about your community. In order to keep your community together in California’s new districts, the Commission first needs to know that it exists and where it is!
  • Give your community a voice and make sure it has equal access to the political process.
  • Help shape new districts that give your community an opportunity to elect candidates who represent your interests on issues that are important to your community.

Everyone in California is invited to participate.